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An expropriation is the taking of land without the consent of the owner by an authority. This authority is often the government, but can even include school boards or utilities companies. As you can imagine, there are few things that are more intrusive than the forceful taking of land from a property owner. It goes without saying that having one’s land expropriated is never an ideal situation.

Most often, an expropriation is pursued by a government to further its planning goals and objectives. For instance, land may be expropriated to make way for the widening of a road or to build new government facilities. Widespread development in the Greater Toronto Area over the last few years has made expropriation a hot topic for many property owners and business owners.

An early indication that an expropriation may be forthcoming is when a Class Environmental Assessment is undertaken by an authority. This may be accompanied by formal studies on the area as well. One of the purposes is to determine improvements for an area and to outline the potential impact of any proposed changes. Unfortunately, these improvements and changes can, in many cases, result in land being expropriated in order to implement government plans and strategies. Accordingly, it is suggested that property owners and business owners be aware of any assessments or studies in the area, as significant changes may result. It is also wise to participate in any public consultations when given the opportunity.

The expropriation process can be frustrating for many people in light of the complexity of the process. The common questions and concerns that property and business owners have are:

In addition to acting for expropriating authorities, we regularly act for property owners and business owners in connection with the expropriation of their property. We have expertise dealing with the expropriating authorities and with land appraisers, business valuators, and planners. Our goal is to not only ensure that you obtain fair compensation, but we also prioritize making the process as pain-free as possible.

If you have any questions, including the common ones outlined above, please contact us. We would be pleased to assist you with your expropriation matter.