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Speers Road Corridor Study Released: The Changes That Are Proposed

Changes to Speers Road

As was recently indicated, the Town of Oakville has been studying Speers Road to determine how to improve this important area of Oakville. It began with the Speers Road Class Environmental Study in 2009 (which its recommendations are currently being implemented) and was followed by the Speers Road Corridor Study. In March 2017, the Town released the findings of their Speers Road Corridor Study. These findings will form part of a new Official Plan Amendment for Speers Road and will likely change planning for this area. 

Some changes to Speers Road currently proposed in the Corridor Study are:

  • Changes to minimum building height
  • Changes to the permitted uses for land near residential zones
  • Changes to landscape buffering requirements
  • Changes to surface and front yard parking

Your Input is Important

Public consultation for this study is currently scheduled to occur in Q2 of this year. If you are a property or business owner on Speers Road, it is important to monitor and engage in the process to try and understand what effects it may have on your property and, if necessary, to try and have some influence on what changes are approved. It is much easier to influence things at this stage, than it will be later on.

Participation in public consultation also ensures that your future right of appeal is protected. If one fails to make submissions to the Town on the proposed Official Plan Amendment before it is passed by Council, then they lose their right to appeal the amendment approved by Council to the OMB (should they end up wanting to do so).

For more information on this study, the process, or how your property may be affected, please feel free to contact us.

The foregoing should not be considered to be legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Please consult a lawyer to get advice and an opinion on your unique circumstances.