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“Can you see me?” United Way of Oakville

May 22, 2015

Here at O’Connor MacLeod Hanna we take the family mental health of our employees seriously. This is why we were excited to participate in the “Can You See Me?” campaign from United Way Oakville.

United Way Oakville has partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK), and online learning provider Vubiz, to create a program which provides users with access to the best resources and support from right here in the Oakville community.

Parents, grandparents and caregivers play crucial roles in guiding the development of a child’s self-confidence and emotional strength and balance. But, as they say, children don’t come with a manual. This campaign helped us to learn the facts, know the signs, and get the right help early, for children and youth who may be struggling with mental health.

On May 21st, Dr. Angela Saunders, Psychologist and Clinical Director at ROCK and the United Way Oakville presented at a lunch and learn at O’Connor MacLeod Hanna’s office, to discuss child and youth mental health. What does anxiety and depression look like in children? How can you help your kids manage the stress of school and peer pressure? What is normal teenage behaviour and when does it become a concern?

Dr. Angela Saunders discussed these issues and more including answering our tough parenting questions.

The luncheon was well attended and everyone agreed that it was both interesting and informative.